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My kids have been enrolled in the Saadhana Scholastics Math program for years.  Several of my friends have enrolled their kids as well.  I admire the commitment with which Mrs. Mallika teaches her students.  She treats them like her own children and is committed to drilling the Math foundation and concepts into them with compassion, kindness, yet the discipline needed to keep them in line.  My kids have developed a deep interest in Math and have been inspired tremendously by the program. Mrs. Mallika has been a teacher, a mother, a mentor and a role-model to my kids through her focus on not only the subject but on work ethics, attention to details and respect for one’s own work.  She has very extensive education and work experience (seen in very few teachers) and is very humble and approachable despite her achievements.  I applaud her for her service to the community and wish her program the very best.


Shwetha Parent

Hello, my name is Sujana Nelakanti and I started going to Saadhana during high school (from 9th to 11th grade). Math was never an easy subject for me and it always took me longer than others to grasp the concept. Instead of using the same methods that the school curriculum taught us, Mallika Aunty would use different approaches and techniques to make sure we understood.
Regardless of how long it took us to grasp the mathematical concept, Aunty would never give up on us. My class was unique in that we had kids from three different school districts all learning a different lesson at different times.
Regardless of how frustrating it was, she would work tirelessly and make packets designed for each and every student. She would take time to teach each and every lesson to the class so we could learn ahead of what we were going to be taught in school, help us with the concepts that we were learning in school, and brush up on past concepts in order for us to not forget what we have learned in the past. Aunty would teach the class in unique ways.
For example, I remember for the conics unit in precalculus, Aunty made us all memorize the equations as homework before the next class. During the next class, we had a competition with the boys versus the girls to see who remembered the most equations and who could solve the problems the fastest.
In addition, she would give endless amount of practices and when she ran out of problems that were already printed on the packets, she would take time and write new ones, which left us with endless amounts of practices so we could feel more confident about our skills.
I can genuinely say that Mallika Aunty has definitely helped me achieve the grades that I wanted in math. She made sure that all of us reached our goals. Whenever I did well on a test, I would always immediately tell Aunty and it would make her so proud. She never just saw us as her students, she saw us as her kids. She works harder than any other teacher that I know and cares so much for her students.

Sujana Nelakanti Student

Our two kids have learned Math from Ms.Mallika since they were in elementary school. They are not easily impressed with teachers. Ms. Mallika has been one of their favorite teachers. Our goal for sending kids to Mallika Math is to help them stay ahead of school, learn problem solving skills that are critical in various timed tests, & have fun while learning. Mallika Math Program has helped our kids accomplish this goal. She encourages them to be interactive, ask questions in class, & reach out to her even outside class hours if they need extra help. We are extremely pleased with Ms. Mallika's hardwork and dedication in making learning fun for our kids and the results we have received. We highly recommend Mallika Math to students looking to learn Math from a dedicated teacher!!

Kalpana & Krishna Murthy Parents, Plano, Texas