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How is each class conducted?
How can a missed class be made up?
How can I get additional help for my homework?
Do you prepare the students for STAAR exams?
What is the best way to communicate with the teacher?
How can we schedule private meetings with the teacher?
Tell us about the homework given.
What are the expectations from a student and parent?


  • The student is expected to not miss more than 4 classes per semester.
  • The student is expected to complete the given homework and follow the requirements to show the steps, present their work neatly, and label the answers.
  • The student is requested to print the homework that is emailed to them a day in advance. Please keep the homework as well as the writing material (pencil, eraser, highlighter, extra work paper, etc.) ready prior to class
  • Students are requested to review and correct their mistakes in the homework, to ensure complete understanding of the material.
  • The student is expected to communicate with the teacher regarding any doubts or additional help needed (using the open help hour on Friday 7-8PM is a great resource)


  • .Parents are requested to ensure that the child can sign in without audio and video issues.
  • Parents should ensure homework is printed before class.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that the child completes the homewok and checks the answers (with the provided solution package) prior to the next class.
  • Parents are requested to provide a quiet working environment for the child while attending class (background noises are very disturbing to all).
What curriculum is followed in the program?