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Testimonial Category: Parents

Looking forward to the new academic year…..


My kids have been enrolled in the Saadhana Scholastics Math program for years.  Several of my friends have enrolled their kids as well.  I admire the commitment with which Mrs. Mallika teaches her students.  She treats them like her own children and is committed to drilling the Math foundation and concepts into them with compassion, kindness, yet the discipline needed to keep them in line.  My kids have developed a deep interest in Math and have been inspired tremendously by the program. Mrs. Mallika has been a teacher, a mother, a mentor and a role-model to my kids through her focus on not only the subject but on work ethics, attention to details and respect for one’s own work.  She has very extensive education and work experience (seen in very few teachers) and is very humble and approachable despite her achievements.  I applaud her for her service to the community and wish her program the very best.


Shwetha Parent