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Designed to build a very strong foundation of the concepts and a deep understanding of Math in an effort to develop a keen interest and self-confidence in pursuit of the subject

About The Teacher

Mallika hails from a line of 3 generations of teachers. She has won gold medals for her overall academic performance as well as for Math at the university level. She has also won several “best teacher” awards during her career as a teacher

About The Program

Reinforce existing knowledge base, impart new knowledge, and stretch the child’s potential in the process of learning and discovery
About the Teacher

Saadhana Scholastics, Inc., popularly known as Mallika Math, is an after-school Math Tutoring Program.  The Math center has been in Plano, Texas for many years and is well-known for the high quality of teaching from the kindergarten to the Trigonometry levels (including Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus).

Major Strengths of the program:

  • Strong Math foundation
  • small class size
  • detailed level of grading of homework,
  • customization to help all the students and
  • a good balance between concepts and application

Saadhana Scholastics Math Center has been highly regarded in the Dallas Metroplex area.  Parents appreciate the ease of communication with the teacher; students love the teaching methodology, while both are very excited to see the improvement in Math grades and an overall love for Math.


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Hello, my name is Sujana Nelakanti and I started going to Saadhana during high school (from 9th to 11th grade). Math was never an easy subject for me and it always took me longer than others to grasp the concept. Instead of using the same methods that the school curriculum taught us, Mallika Aunty would


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Highly qualified teacher (Triple Master’s Degree holder and Gold Medalist)
Strong foundation, Concepts and Applications
Very Small Class Size
Detailed Grading and Feedback
Extra help provided during the open hour
Makes Math Learning Fun